Build Enthusiasm

Kick Zone Media strives to raise awareness and build enthusiasm for nordic sports. Because as any "NordIe" knows: It's not a sport; It's a lifestyle.

By highlighting the stories of those who live the nordic life, Kick Zone hopes to motivate skiers, jumpers and shooters, novice and experienced, to get out, be healthy, grow, develop and learn by means of nordic sports.


If you need skis, poles, boots, or wax please visit your local ski shop. For everything else that compliments living a nordic life; visit 

Kick Zone has searched the web and compiled a slue of products every nordie needs making the site a one-stop-shop for products to complete the lifestyle.

Give Back

Kick Zone Media understands first hand that living a nordic life is financially difficult. Often times the greatest competition an athlete faces is a dwindling bank account. What good is training if you can't even afford to make it to the race?

Kick Zone has vowed to donate 1/3 of its profit to funding nordic dreams around the United States.